Route 66 Chicago to Santa Monica

                                         Proposed National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark


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The Nominating Team for the 10 ASCE Sections is comprised of:
       • Brian Pawula, P.E. Illinois Section      • Christopher Gutkowski, P.E. Central Illinois Section      • Jeffrey Fouse, P.E. St. Louis Missouri Section
       • Mariah Schroeder, P.E. Kansas City Section      • Ben Ware, P.E. Kansas Section      • Josh Johnston, P.E. Oklahoma Section      • Melinda Luna, P.E. Texas Section
       • Roger Zimmerman, P.E., PhD New Mexico Section      • Mark Lamer, P.E. Arizona Section      • Bill Lawson, P.E. Los Angeles Section
       • Andrew Machen. P.E., Nominating Team Lead & Webmaster

ASCE Section Resolutions

Route 66 Chicago to Santa Monica